Stick Shift Driving School and Adult Driver Training.

Stick Shift Driving School

Viking Driving School is pleased to announce that we now offer road instruction on manual transmission (stick shift) cars.

Fees are $195per 90 minutes session and we provide the vehicle!


Stick Shift Driving School

We offer 6 hr Adult Driver Education Program for applicants ages 18-21. Classes meet on the last Sunday of the month.



We have programs developed for beginners, intermediate and advance manual transmission driver training- all tailored to meet the needs of the individual student, both behind –the-wheel and in the classroom.
One of our qualified , friendly and patient instructors will pick you up from home. It’s much easier and less stressful than learning with a friend or family member.
You will learn to drive in a modern dual-controlled car. It will make you feel safe and comfortable while you are starting to learn on-road skills for Chicago’s unique conditions.

  • We offer private classroom and behind-the-wheel instructions for adults over 18.
  • Classroom instruction topics include driving in adverse weather conditions, emergency awareness correct responses and Illinois driving laws.
  • We utilize the best teaching methods available for educating our students on each subject including lectures, group discussions, films,, and one-on-one individual instruction.
  • Behind-the-wheel consist of instruction in city driving, expressway skills, parking techniques, and application of all Illinois driving laws.
  • Instruction includes proper visual techniques to anticipate and respond to dangerous situations.

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Due to Covid-19 we do not offer a BASIC PROGRAM at this moment.