Chicago Cheap Driving School

What is the Cheap Driving School in Chicago? Well…Viking Driving School is Cheap and Good!

Cheap Driving School in Chicago

If you looking for serious driving education and don’t want to spend a lot of money Viking Driving School is the place when you should start your driving classes.

We at Viking Driving School recognize the stress that parents feel at this time. We also understand the stress that your new driver may be feeling. Believe it or not, many times it is not easy for them to enjoy driving with you either. It’s times like these that we are there to help ease the stress and trauma for both of you.

We have just opened a new opportunity for everyone who is looking for Cheap Driving School in the Chicago Area to receive excellent education in driving. We have developed a program that is one of a kind. It teaches effective driving skills, as well as a risk prevention program for teenagers and others that may be new to driving.

Cheap Driving School – Good Instructors!

We have professional, fun, and understanding teachers who use technology to help their students think about the lessons they are learning and learn to apply them into their lives. Our driving classes are interactive and expect the students to perform.
In the world we live in much of our time is spent behind the wheel. So we don’t just teach to our students past their driving test. We choose instead to use the opportunity of Cheap Driving School to teach our students the skills that they will be able to use in their life as a licensed driver. Some of the things that our students in Driving School learn are not only what the laws are, but what the natural consequences to breaking those laws are.

We know that our students will be driving on the same roads that we will, so we want to teach them the safety and skills that will keep them safe and will keep those around them safe. We give them an opportunity to drive in a vehicle, while under the supervision of an instructor. Our cars have dual controls for safety and are also adequately insured to cover any problems that may arise. So you can rest easy that your teen will be safe.

So if you are nervous about your teenager learning to drive, let us help. We will relieve your stress,teach them life long skills, and help them get their drivers license all for a price that will fit in your budget.

Viking Driving School:
524 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, IL 60068

tel: 847.698.7771    fax: 847.698.9698

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