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Chicago Truck Driving School offers a variety of CDL programs that can help a student to become a professional truck driver.

 Get your Chicago Commercial Driving class A license and become well paid driving professionals.

Viking: Chicago Truck Driving School, Inc. offers training programs 7 days a week on both a full and part time basis.

  • You will work with highly qualified instructors, who have an average of 15 years experience in the trucking industry.
  • You will receive personalized assistance and individual mentorship
  • You will receive extensive hands-on behind the wheel driving time
  • Learn to Drive – no experience is necessary. With the desire to learn you can obtain your Chicago CDL License in less then 6 weeks
  • Get a Job! – We are dedicated to training and placing our students in local driving and over the road positions
  • Our bilingual instructors prepare students to pass their CDL written test
  • Work with the computers based training software. You can learn even without computer skills
  • Pass the road test in the same training yard that you have trained on. No need to go to the Secretary of State .
  • We are dedicated to training and placing our students in local driving and over the road positions. Opportunities in truck driving are good because this occupation has the greatest number of job openings each year.


Chicago CDL Driving School: We accept unemployment grants and we will provide you with help in getting FINANCIAL AID assistance.

According to the American Trucking Association: Trucking Industry has current shortage of 20,000 drivers may jump to 111,000 by 2015.
According to the US Department of Labor job opportunities are favorable for truck drivers and a commercial driver’s license is required for most larger trucks. CDL drivers hold 2.8 millions jobs in the United States

Chicago Truck Driving School Programs:


Truck Driving Program 160 hrs

  • 40 hrs of classroom
  • 20 hrs of lab time
  • 60 hrs of remedial training
  • 40 hrs of driving  
  • Truck Driving Exam


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CDL Driving Program 240 hrs

  • 40 hrs of classroom
  • 88 hrs lab time
  • 60 hrs of remedial training
  • 52 hrs of driving  
  • Truck Driving Exam


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Chicago Truck Driving School – we are one of the best Commercial Driving Licence Schools in Chicago Northwest Suburbs. Our exam passing rate is over 90% - click here for more info

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Due to Covid-19 we do not offer a BASIC PROGRAM at this moment.